Five Exercises that Will Elevate Your Pole Dancing

  1. Rows, Rows, and MORE Rows.

    Rhomboid muscles become over stretched as gravity creates a downward pull on our neck, shoulders and head. It is important to have good posture when pole dancing, and rowing will help with just that! Forward shoulders and a rounded upper back when inverting and climbing can lead to various injuries and strain on other muscles. Rowing will address bad posture and strengthen your rhomboids.


      Using your Rubber Training Resistance Band palms facing up with good posture, pull back the band focusing on stretching your elbows back. Slowly release your stretch and extend your arms back out and repeat.


      2. Planks

      My favourite bone in the body is the Scapula.  The muscles surrounding the scapula act as the stabilisers of the shoulders. When we are protecting our shoulders, we are strengthening our serratus anterior muscles. Strengthening these often offended forgotten muscles, help prevent rib injuries, and helps with posture!


      I think we are all across the planking position but here are some photos to remind you how to perfect it! 


      3. Shoulder external rotation exercises

      Rotator cuff injuries are one of the frequent injuries that pole dancers face. The rotator cuff and their attached tendons risk tearing when they are weak, from repetitive movements and muscle imbalances. Throw in these moves 3-4 times a week to strengthen and protect them.


      Place a Training Resistance Band and a pillow between your elbow and body. Keep your shoulders down and back as you bring your forearm away from your body keeping elbow close.


      4. Prone Y's

      Another muscle that can be difficult to target but is incredibly important to strengthen are our lower traps. When pulling ourselves on the pole we  compensate with our upper traps and and lats. When these muscles are unbalanced, your shoulder blade lifts off the spine causing space that can create rotator cuff impingement.


      Lie face down on something elevated i.e. An exercise ball or our Cork Mat. Reach your arms out straight in Y position with your thumbs facing upward, focus on just moving arms and squeezing on top.


      5. Wall Angels.

      Here at Lunalae, we LOVE this exercise! When I do these daily, I notice I walk taller and I can see my posture improve rapidly. This is a fantastic strengthening and stretch at the same time .


      Seated with you back against wall and arms at 90 degrees, try to have all parts of your arms touching with the wall, and your ribcage closed throughout the movements. Slowly slide your arms up the wall, the goal is to straighten the arms. Just like every exercise, get those abs tight! That will ensure that your spine stays against the wall.


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