Common Mistakes We’ve Made at Pole


Picking up bad form!

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, but we’re pretty sure it takes about 21 seconds to form a bad habit in pole. Sloppy form and technique can really catch up to you once you start slacking on the pole. We’ve all been there, desperate to get some moves down before practice is up (is that the next class waiting outside already?!).


There’s no strict rules in pole-  but it can be easier to become lazy than to stay disciplined. One day of bad form CAN make it that much easier to let yourself off the hook next practice.

Also, poor form can make it easier to slip up and get hurt! Ouch :(  no thanks!

Keeping all the right muscles engaged prevents any one part of your body from bearing unnecessary strain. **SQUEEEEZE YOUR GLUTES AND ABS YOU POLE STARS**

Be patient with it! Which leads us to another mistake we’ve made...


Being impatient with yourself! - You WILL be able to do that move

Good things come to those who wait… and practise, and ease their body into the move bit by bit! 


We get it, once you’re determined to smash the next best pole move on your to-do list, it’s so frustrating when your limbs just won’t cooperate! But remember: all new things take time. We’ve definitely gotten the post-pole blues and walked away thinking we just might not be strong enough or skilled enough for that move (Static V we’re looking at you) - but that’s not the case! There’s a learning curve associated with all moves, especially when you’re first starting out or moving up in skill levels. A bigger hurdle with a new move is usually a great sign; you’re taking on bigger and better challenges! So keep in mind just like with anything else, with time and effort, you WILL be able to do it. Look us in the eyes! 


Comparison is the thief of joy: focus on your lane 

There are so many amazingly talented pole dancers out there, a lot of whom we follow and adore! 

We always find ourselves in awe of other dancers’ awesome tricks and skills, and then there's the sick choreo! We have been guilty of comparing ourselves to others and getting a bit caught up in how much stronger/more flexy/more flowy that random Russian exotic pole chick is from the gram. But this kind of negative thought cycle can actually prevent us from improving because we become so fixated on others and their journey rather than our own. So take it from us, focus on yourself and remember that we’re all different from each other, and our pole dancing journeys are equally as unique (which makes it that much more rewarding when you boss it)

Skipping warm-up: you might spew

Skipping warming is a risky, risky game (re: sprains and muscle cramps).

Then factor in that you’re on a spinning pole? With your head hanging lower than the rest of your body? Blood rushing? Vision blurring? No, we’re not talking about that Rosé hangover you survived last weekend. 

Yeah we’ve made THAT mistake before, save yourself the trouble and set aside at least fifteen minutes before your pole session solely for warming up, because it’s just as important as your actual workout, and actually prevents you from feeling sore the days after your pole session! 


Save the moisturiser until after your workout

Look, we want to grip the pole - not slide down like a fireman (though that looks like tons of fun!). Moisturising your skin does just that. It’s literally adding moisture to your skin and keeping it damp rather than dry - In #poletalk that means self-sabotage. Don’t add moisture to your skin before a workout, especially one that’s going to make your skin slippery against that pole cause it’s going to be much much harder to grip onto that pole, hoist yourself up and stay there!

From now on, maybe consider moving your moisturising routine to the end of your day, once practice is over.


Have you made any pole mistakes before? Leave them in the comments! 👇



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