Don't Believe These LIES about Pole Dancing! ❌


Today we bring you just some of the most common misconceptions and straight up LIES you might hear about pole dancing that we need to set you straight on!

It’s vital that you know that these are in fact myths, so you don’t get discouraged by people who have a lot to say about pole (without the actual knowledge and experience to back it up!).

Seriously... we can’t have anyone scaring others away from pole dancing! Especially, if it’s FALSE. Ooh it gets us heated just thinking about some of these! 🔥😲

“You’ve got to be an athlete for that! It’s really hard to get into”


This is a common misconception voiced by those who have only ever watched YouTube videos of the advanced polers spinning around brass poles at competitions, performing unimaginable tricks with their bodies. 


Don’t let them faze you! You don’t have to be strong to start off with pole sessions. In fact, it is one of the most rewarding feelings when you build up your strength through your pole journey - hindsight is bliss. 
Just like with any sport, the skills and strength specific to pole are built over time and with practice. Everyone begins as… well, a beginner! The beauty of pole having been a relatively niche sport, is that a lot of people of all ages and backgrounds are just starting and beginner classes are aimed at people who have never done pole before.

But... it's not a real sport right? 

Talk to the muscles, honey! Orr tell that to anyone who’s even tried their hand at pole for a day and they could tell you that you’re dead wrong. One thing you learn right as you start, is that pole may look delicate but it takes a lot of strength to make it look that way. Pole dancing can easily be overlooked or looked down upon and people end up underestimating it for the INTENSE workout it is and the true power, strength and training it requires. Y'all gonna get fit as hell when you start pole dancing! 


Why would you learnt it? You'd never use those skills.

Here’s another thing about niche sports, people don’t often realise that just like any other sport, the skills you pick up are applicable to a LOT of other things. Sure, maybe you don’t need to know how to pole dance specifically in other areas of your life (though that sure as hell would make waiting at a traffic light more interesting - live a little, people!) but pole is insanely beneficial in other areas of life. 


Other than getting WAY stronger and being more physically fit and capable, pole helps with mental strength and conditioning.
A lot of mental tenacity and resilience is involved in pole to constantly maintain and then push yourself to improve, especially when getting over the beginning hurdles!

Or sometimes even just going straight to pole class after a tiring day at work, instead of going home to Netflix and Chill should cue an applause 🙌


You can't go anywhere with it cause no one does it.

This is an understandable (but very untrue!) misconception. Before you get into it yourself, you might not know about the massive communities and competitions dedicated to pole all around the world. Believe us, there are a ton. Here, in Sydney alone, there are multiple competitions for a variety of different styles and skill levels and they’re open to everyone.

The opportunities are endless, there are so many styles to try and tricks to learn as well! Plus, pole dancing is amazing for improving your flexibility and strength, and giving you the confidence in yourself necessary to take on a bunch of other hobbies! This includes dance or sports like Lyra and Aerial silks (#aaerialpilates), which are amazing and definitely appeal to people who already love and know pole.



So don’t be afraid, and don't believe those damn lies! There’s a ton of space to grow and learn, amazing memories to make! 


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