How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Competition Part 2 ūü•á

You can check out part 1 of our pole comp preparation series here
Make sure you familiarise with the rules and regulations 
It feels like the T&C's that we always click "accept" on without reading, but when it comes to your comps you want to make sure you know exactly what's required - what goes and what doesn't. It varies for every comp - you might be allowed to include a particular move in one category but another comp might deem it too advanced. 
Film your video entry! 
Most competitions will have you send a video entry to them as an audition. For your video, you'll probably end up (and we recommend) filming it nicely multiple times so you can run it back, watch it over and pick the very best take. For the set up, try to find a clean background that best resembles a stage/theatre environment. Make sure the lighting's nice and your camera easily fits you and the pole in frame with extra wiggle room since you don't know what device they might view it on! The easier it is for them to watch and see everything, the better they can focus on how much potential you have!
Backup your backups: 
Make sure you've got doubles of everything, or you have an emergency plan in case things go awry (we're talking wardrobe malfunctions, your song being chosen by someone else and everything else in between). 
Pre-plan emergency escape plans if you find yourself struggling with a particular landing as you practise your moves. Hint: stick in a transition move or leg flick that will make it easy for you to recover and -act natural- in a pinch! 
Keep (or tape) it together! 
Trust us, fashion tape or nip covers are a god-send when you're doing all your freaky tricks up there. You want to put on a show but not give them a show! 
Practise on different poles! 
Whether you practise at home with your own pole or on your favourite, chosen, special pole at your regular studio; the pole you'll perform on will be different. The spin or width of the pole might not be what you're used to and you need to account for that when you're preparing for the big day. 
Diet (No, don't eat less!)
We're not looking to fit into that super tight bodycon we outgrew years ago. We're looking to keep strong! So don't skip meals and deprive your body of energy and nutrients! 
Which means, eating right a little bit more than usual for most of us. We recommend staying away from those fatty, high sodium, and high sugar foods which can disturb your sleep and give you those energy highs and matching lows that can throw your body out of sync. 
If you're tossing and turning at night, you're also gonna interfere with that muscle and mind recovery that you're gonna need in between practice sessions leading up to comp day! 
Of course, just as we always do (supposedly) remember to keep very well hydrated to help your muscles and keep your mind clear. 
Get some Z's 
Okay, now, THIS is our favourite part of comp prep. You heard us. Get that beauty sleep! Rest and recovery is just as important as the practice and planning component! If you don't give your body time to recover you could actually end up hurting your practice! So it's actually super important that you get those hours every night and maybe a couple cheeky sleep-ins (a COUPLE.) Make sure to take some time off to yourself, and schedule in time when you completely forget about the comp - how does a massage or spa day sound? 


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