How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Competition Part 1 🥇


Let me ask you a few questions:

1. Do you have a dedicated pole playlist? 

2. Perhaps several?

3. Do you hear a song on the radio and immediately start choreographing a routine in your head? 

4. Do you buy your pole wear outfits and long to show them off? 

5. Do a little spin in the mirror and wish more people could see how good you look? 

Tick. Tick. Tick. ✔

 The results are in: You, my pole sister, should start competing in pole dance competitions. 


There are a couple of things that you should know and consider before performing at your first comp!

Finding your groove/style - and pick the right competition for you! 

There's a competition for everyone, and for every style of pole dance. Then depending on your experience, you might be eligible for either amateur/beginner, semi-pro or pro levels. The levels can mean slightly different things at every competition. So whilst you might be considered an amateur at one comp, you might be classed as an intermediate poler in another. 

Plan and Practise! 

Just like with work and study (AH! Sorry to remind you of those deadlines! Don't hurt us!), everything done last minute can make things super stressful. Keep in mind, a pole routine needs time to be practised and perfected before the big day arrives. Plus UNLIKE work, choreographing and planning for the pole can be exciting and fun, so why would you want to make it stressful? 

It's a good rule of thumb to start planning and working on your routine a good 3-4 months in advance. You want to spend a good chunk of time leading up to competitions just practising and perfecting so you're super confident and less nervous when showtime rolls around. You can NEVER be too prepared. 

Style that 'fit!

Potentially the best part! Your costume will depend on the theme of the show, your song choice, and choreography. It's so fun to play around with different ideas, the colours, the necklines. Plus, it's basically the perfect excuse to go shopping (have you seen our latest collection? 😍) That's not why we compete though - we swear! 

A couple of things to think about when it comes to costuming are how the colours will match your dancing style, the vibe of the song and your actual routine. 

Now for the part that you've all been waiting for...


For the fierce look (we're thinking mid 2000's Beyonce and Shakira tracks) you can't go wrong with our Zeta Grey Leopard Combo 😍🔥🐆


For the hard-core, Russian exotic look (Kira Noire, we're looking at you for inspo!) our all new Sticky Grip Set, featuring super sticky detailing, will ensure maximum grip for your sick comp moves! 😍🙌

For smooth and sensual vibes (cue "Anti" - era Rihanna, Sam Smith and Jhene Aiko), our Scarlett Top & Zara Garter Shorts are desperately hot 🔥

For the hectic, electronic dance music lovers, match that fast and pumping tempo in the Bella Top and Lure You Low Waisted Garter Bottoms 🖤🔥



For the summer pop tunes babes (who totally vibe out to Calvin Harris, Lizzo and Ariana Grande), keep your performance look fresh and light in the Paris Set.

For the soulful, emotional piece 😭💘 (hello? Olivia Rodrigo is a must)

Beautiful deep colours and lush textures like the gorgeous crushed velvet make-up of our Delphine Set will set your soul (and performance) on fire ✨

For those who go for the classics over and over again (because it's impossible to have a boring performance to Britney) you can't look past our classic Midnight bodysuit 

 PRO TIP: Make sure to practise your routine IN your costume prior to your show to make sure you can execute all your moves with ease! The last thing you want to have to worry about is getting tangled up on stage! 

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