How to style your favourite Lunalae pieces!

If you’ve been exclusively wearing pole wear since the start of your pole dancing journey, you’ve likely spent a lot of time in Lunalae’s staple pieces, maybe at pole classes or doing your stretch sessions at home.
We challenged ourselves with the task of styling some of our most popular pieces for pole classes, and then creating completely new looks to transition these pieces from pole sessions to date nights, social hang outs, beach trips and beyond! The results? They’re so good (and kind of genius) we can seriously back them up!



Dance floors are back open here in Sydney, and that means a lot of us are trying to fit in as.many.things.as.possible into our evenings after work to finally have some FUN AGAIN! 💃

Here’s the situation. You’ve just checked your e-diary for Thursday night and are low-key freaking out at the fact that you have your favourite, wouldn’t-miss-it-for-the-world pole class at 6pm, followed directly by Rosé (or Tequila) o’clock at the best bar in town with the girls at 7pm. Oh, and you have that Tinder date lined up right after (shhh!). You do the math: That’s three different occasions, three different crowds and three different outfits!

Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you covered!

Start off the night at your pole class in the Scarlett Bodysuit. Since It’s coming into Autumn/Winter now for Australian polers, burgundy and black give off super sexy and moody vibes. But for the lucky ones who are entering summer (US, Europe and Singapore we’re looking at you!), match the warm sunny weather with baby pink or our bold red!


Fast forward: It’s 7pm, pole class has just finished, and your train is running early. No one has to know that your version of a post-class shower translated to baby wipes and excess amounts of deo that may have given everyone else sharing the bathroom a temporary dose of asthma! Hehe 🤫


The key to dressing up polewear is to throw non-pole appropriate materials and textures into the mix. Naturally, we’re thinking denim 👖 Natasha elevated the look for Rosé o’clock with her favourite light wash, denim jeans.

The beauty of bodysuits lies in how they go with virtually any style you want! Flare jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, skirts, leggings... you can totally make this look your own! 

Natasha accessorised by throwing on a thick black belt to accentuate her waist and white chunky sneakers to tie it altogether casual chic style. Tick! ✔


Alright, it’s 9:30pm, and your date is waiting for you at the bar across the road. You look down at your sneakers, and while appropriate for the girls, you kind of want to rock up looking a little bit more… seductive. 😎

Girl’s gotta dress to impress (yourself) right?

Natasha kept the jeans, and rotated the sneakers for heels and threw on a statement leather jacket. Talk about versatility! It’s a whole new look! 😍

The long weekend is here, your diary has cleared and you’re FINALLY headed to the ultimate girls getaway - and wow, it’s been a long time coming 📅👵

Where are we headed? BYRON BAY OF COURSE! There’s always going to be a slight chance that you might bump into Chris Hemsworth, not that that was a drawcard for the holiday or anything… But gurl, just in case, we have your total beach babe vibes covered! 🧜‍♀️🏖

Start off your beach swim in the Layla Set  because it doubles as swimwear too, WIN WIN! 

We don’t know about you, but our ideal vacay definitely involves copious amounts of our favourite kind of bean - coffee, of course! (However, no one is judging you for ordering an Espresso martini before noon instead because #holidays #vibes 🥂) 

Daniella is putting her best foot forward at the trendiest cafe in Byron by grabbing a pair of high-waisted, ripped denim shorts out of her beach bag, and slipping on her fave tan slides, for the perfect casually effortless, “look-over-here-and-fall-in-love-with-me-chris-hemsworth!” look. (Sorry Elsa!) Plus she’s avoiding those UVB rays oh-so-stylishly with a black cowboy hat. CAAA-UTE! 

Okay, you’re back from your girls getaway now, (but already re-living your vacay by shamelessly posting TBT's 🤳) and you’re really starting to feel those espresso martini’s catch up with you. It’s time to sweat-it-out, hit refresh, and find your hustle again! Natasha loves the Aliza High Neck Top in TEAL  which is easily paired with the comfiest bike shorts you’ll ever own - The Basic Bike Shorts (we’re kind of cheating cause these bike shorts go with everything)! 
She can do her favourite squat track, completely care-free knowing these are totally squat-proof. Pheeeew! 

You’ve just finished up from your gym sesh 🏋️‍♀️💪when your girlfriends call you up inviting you (demanding) your company for a shopping spree! Daniella combines the Aliza High Neck Top in BLACK 🖤  with her favourite denim shorts. She adds some synchronicity with a black belt to match that top and brings it all together with a cute tote bag to carry all her goodies in, her classic sunnies, necklace and earrings! 🕶📿


So easy and so CUTE! 🥰 And no one would guess this top doubles as her gym ‘fit!

So there you have it - some new and innovative ways to seamlessly style your polewear with your everyday wear! If you have any styling tips for transitioning polewear to everyday wear, leave them in the comments below! 😍 






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