Lunalae Challenges Pole Dancing Stigma | 3 Reasons Why Pole Dancing Empowers Women

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In honour of International Women’s Day, we at Lunalae, thought we’d write a personal love letter to pole dancing. Read on to find out 3 reasons why pole dancing celebrates and empowers strong women and why every gal should pick it up (and a Lunalae set to go with it! 🥰) 

You, me and a lot of people in the wider community know that pole dancing can be viewed in a negative light due to the outdated stigmas surrounding it, which causes misunderstanding and confusion. Well it’s time to challenge those stereotypes! 

Even the Lunalae team have come across the occasional raised eyebrow or the odd question or two when we say we pole dance.

However, there’s no doubt that our team believes that pole dancing redefines femininity and lifts up those who try it! 

Here are some reasons why pole dancing translates to empowerment: 

1. Gains, gains, GAINS!

We’re going for the obvious one for our first point - pole builds a unique kind of strength from the very first day.

When you first start, you’ll probably doubt yourself (trying to hold onto a fast- spinning pole for the first time is HARD)

but once you’ve learnt your first trick (remember the OG back hook spin?) (and every trick, mount, and sequence thereafter), it is the absolute BEST feeling in the world.

We guarantee you’ll feel on top of the world on that pole.

Every time you climb the pole and perform a trick, you prove to yourself how much your body is capable of – and trust us it’s surprising. Not to mention, addictive - the sense of accomplishment that comes with acing a new trick is unparalleled. 

2. Mental gains too! 🧠💪

Exercise not only provides physical benefits, but mental strength too (which is just as, if not more important!) Pole in particular is undoubtedly one of the best sports for building mental (and physical) grit and tenacity. As you hang upside down, squeezing muscles you didn’t even realise you possessed, your mind and body simultaneously strengthens. You become an iron-willed individual, and the best part is, you can only get stronger and better. 


However we know it’s easy to consider the stigma around the sport itself, which can understandably make it daunting to start. It definitely can make you feel vulnerable to bare some skin and try something you’ve never done before...

Believe us, we know, it can make you want to run and hide - but vulnerability is bravery. Only polers know that special feeling of catching yourself in the mirror, wearing your favourite (Lunalae) pole outfit while executing your new favourite move 4 feet off the ground. That rush and confidence boost is second to none. 

Fortunately, it’s a wonderfully accessible sport since most people come to it later in life (not every kid goes to Saturday pole dance) and everyone still remembers when they first started. You’ll become really good at picking yourself up (literally and figuratively) and your willpower gains will transcend into other parts of your life, leading you to excel in multiple external facets. Leading us to our next and final point...

3. Empowering communities of women!

We've definitely built a pole dancing community here at Lunalae. From our amazing female-driven team, to our Facebook group (you can join our friendly community of the most fashionable pole dancers out there here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lunapolewear) where we share our successes and give each other tips and support other amazing women! 😍🥰

Pole dancing has a community that continues to challenge stereotypes, resolve misconceptions and lift other pole dancers around them through the confidence and strength that is built within the sport.

Pole dancing teaches you many things, but in particular that you are limitless. As you move through tech levels and perform tricks you thought might have been out of reach, you prove to yourself that no one can hold you back but yourself. 

See for yourself how pole dancing redefines femininity and encourages you to embrace the strong, beautiful and capable individual that you are. This International Women’s week, there is no better time to start your pole dancing journey. Any fitness level, any shape or size, any age, any location. Be the girl that just goes for it. START NOW! 🎉💕
✨ P.S. We have linked below some of our favourite pole wear suggestions for when you're first starting out with pole and want to feel especially secure, confident & amazing! See our related products tab below! 😍✨ 

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