Meet Miss Pole Dance NSW


We invited Miss Pole Dance NSW AKA Rachel to our HQ for what we like to call “Pole Talk” this is where we talk about all things pole! Rachel is the owner of Love Pole Studio in Panania and recently, North Strathfield. She is also four times Miss Pole Dance NSW and Las Vegas Pole Classic in 2018. Rachel is known for her amazing pole choreography and unique style.

Here is what we asked Rachel…


 What made you start pole dancing?

"Me and a bunch of friends in high school wanted to be strippers and travel but the first term of pole was too hard and painful. Later we tried it for a second time, and it hurt less and quickly became an addiction."


 How did you deal with the pain and bruising when you first began?

"It still hurts! But you learn to deal with it by having determination and bearing it and building a tolerance over time."


What advice would you give to your beginner self?

"I would tell my beginner self to be consistent with training and not be hard on yourself and to be positive about your training."


Do you need to be fit and athletic to start pole?

"Definitely not. This is a massive misconception. People think that you have to have really strong upper body strength but when you start pole you start conditioning and you learn to get stronger along the way."


Who was your inspiration to start pole?

"A random girl at a strip club ha-ha. She wasn’t a professional pole dancer she only picked up a few moves on the job. Her name was Tamara and she was my main inspiration to start pole. Later there have been many more along the way."


What is next for you?

"Well, I just opened up a second studio in Strathfield and that was very huge for me this year. I guess next is seeing what 2021 is going to bring and what other curveballs will come at us next year. Just keep going with the momentum that we are trying to create with the new studio."


What is something people don’t know about pole and don’t know about you?

"One thing a lot of people who have never done pole before, don’t know the poles can go on two different modes. One mode is static which means it doesn’t spin and sometimes it’s on spin which means they spin on their own axis. Some people think all poles spin."

"One thing people don’t know about me is that I am quite shy and a big nerd and I am super geeky, I love reading books and I am not as outgoing as people think."


What gets you up every morning?

"Shit! Got to go teach a class! No, it is my job and I feel so lucky I get to do this as a full-time job. My students and staff, they motivate me to get up every morning as teaching is so rewarding."


When did you first start competing?

"2015, 5 years ago and won 4 years in a row. Hahaha!"


What advice would you give to people just starting to compete?

"I would advise people to stay true to your style, put together a routine that your proud of. Put moves in there that you want to, not what you think you should. I know it’s very cheesy but be unique and be yourself is my number one tip. What makes you different is your style, not the hardest or biggest trick. People are like let’s do a bird of paradise or spatchcock. But It’s about how you put it together and what music you choose and be you, there is no one else that is you."


What do you love most about pole?

"Ahh! So many things! Definitely the friendships, I see people making friends and blossom from pole and having a close community and the opportunities they bring. Everyone is so supportive and that creates a strong bond. Everyone is cheering for you and you really feel that. It’s really something special."


Do you do any other cross training?

"I do lots of off the pole classes. I teach contortion, flexibility and hand balancing which really helps."


Watch the full interview and see Rachel and Lunalae CEO, Fion play the pie face game. Who do you guys think will win? Miss Pole Dance NSW or Lunalae CEO?



Rachel wears our Aria Top Recycled in lilac.


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