The Must Have Accessories Every Pole Dancer Needs!

If you compare a pole dancer's bag to a gym junkie's bag, the pole bag is going to look a hell of a lot more interesting. Imagine a non-poler opening up your black luxe bag to find 8" heels, glittery grip powder, bright pink knee pads... the list goes on. Keep reading to find out what accessories you shouldn't be missing out on!
Knee pads 

Knee pads are a must for pole! Why, you ask? Two reasons, comfort and protection. The knees are such a vital part of the body, ESPECIALLY whilst pole dancing. The knee is a juncture for all sorts of bones and important stuff that helps us keep dancing! Knee pads give you that added cushioning when you drop to the floor and show off your floor work. That way you won’t leave practice with an extra bruise on your body, and you won’t have to think (or yell) “ow” everytime you go through that sequence. 


Plus, they can actually be a grip aid! (Triple threat!)

Our sticky-grip knee pads are amazing. We like to stock up on our favourite colours, a versatile neutral or black and then a pretty pink for a pop! 

 You can say goodbye to struggling to nail your spins (spins we know we’re capable of, if it weren’t for the damn sweat!) halfway into a hardcore practice!


Goes without saying but no outfit is complete without some heels. Pleasers come in every colour and finish imaginable. Whether you want sexy glam, or an exotic, hard-core leather look, there’s a pleaser for everyone! Our pleaser range hosts, open toe, boots and heel heights ranging from 6 inch to 10 inches! 

Some of our favourites include 

Classic styles like the ASPIRE-1020 6" 

Fun glow-in-the-dark and light up styles like the Flashdance 1020-8 8”
Show stopper statement boots like the Flamingo-809BLS 


Gym Bag

You can’t go anywhere without a bag! For an after-work pole class our money is on something lightweight and  big enough to fit EVERYTHING (a comfy hoodie) for the evening chill and all our pole dancing gear!)

Our luxe black gym bag is beautifully light and simple, with a trusty zipper (not the one that jams every second) and here’s the killer - has a separate, in-built shoe compartment that easily fits our pleasers! Or your work shoes for quick transitions between your 9-5 hustle and pole class!)


Leg Warmers

Warming up is one of the most essential parts of any workout. Key word here is warm, people! Warm muscles are easier to prime for exercise and lessen the risk or sprain and injuries. However keeping warm can be tricky when you’re in a cropped bra and pole bottoms!

It would be great to have an outfit for warming up but that costs us time as well as real estate in our bags! Instead, we opt for warmers, like our pink cosy leg warmers (which look amazing paired with pleaser boots and help you slide along the floor seamlessly) which are so convenient to throw on and off. 



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