The Do's and Dont's of Pole Training Whilst Injured


Injuries are a part of life for every athlete, so pole dancers and yoga gurus are no different. We work hard, push ourselves to the max and expect a lot of our bodies. This means injuries (whether minor or major) are an inevitable part of the pole journey. At the end of last year, one of our Lunalae team members was enjoying her daily pole class all up until she landed HARD on her shoulders while falling out of a hang-back. OUCH!


While she is okay now, her fall did make us think... How can we continue to train after an injury? Here are some tips from us here at Lunalae:



Seek medical attention. Pushing through pain can lead to even more serious injuries, potentially lifelong. Knowing your exact diagnosis and just how serious your injury can be is essential. Always follow doctor's orders to a tee.


Girl, your doctor is NOT wrong.


Continue to train (if your doctor allows), don't lose your momentum. You may be unable to train at your previous level, but don't be discouraged! Soon enough, you'll get back to where you once were, whether it be on the pole, mat or treadmill. (Aheeem **this is why you practice your good side and then your not so good side**). Some of the Lunalae lovelies stay in shape while injured with activities like pool running, stair walking and anti-gravity treadmills.




Ignore your doctor's advice or assume you can continue your practice at your current pace. Whether it be a bruise or a sore wrist, if you feel the need to rest, rest UP! Your future self will thank you when you can kick back into practice earlier than you would have without taking it easy for a few moments. Ice the injury, get massages and stretch! (Recovery doesn't sound all that bad now, does it?)

P.S. Even J.Lo isn't immune to pole injuries.



Don't just mask the pain, heal the injury! Would you simply take painkillers for a broken arm, not see a doctor and have it reset? Neither. Enough said.



Return to your full activity immediately.  Recovery takes time and as difficult it is to stay away from the pole, keep it slow and steady. Naturally, when you start to feel better you'll want to jump back into it. Take your time, start with basics and build your way back up.

Comment some of your recovery tips below.

Stay safe Luna Beauties!

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