Things I Realised Once I Started Pole


Once you start, there's no going back
We wouldn’t want to call it an addiction… but it sure is fun, and we sure do think about it WAY too often. Pole is one of those things that you can achieve progress very quickly in, and there is no limit to your improvement. We’re warning you now, once you see your own improvement, you’ll be chasing that rush and rushing back to your next class or practice session.

Flexibility will make all of the moves prettier

Let’s face it, half the beauty of pole is the fact that it’s probably the most gram-worthy sport out there. There’s nothing like seeing your form picture perfect in the mirror, especially cause it takes a lot of work to get it just right. It’s tricky! There’s a lot of balancing and stretching involved! 

Being flexible will help you get the moves down quicker, make your form sharper and allow you to get creative! It can really help you develop your own style of pole dancing. So whilst it might seem tedious to stretch and hold… and hold... and hold, working on your flexibility will pay off big time when you pole dance!

It’ll help you raise your legs higher and bend into perfect curves that’ll make your pole dancing look even more impressive!

Dry hands will become your new BFF and will end up in every bag you own

Lets just say moisture + a smooth metal pole, do not equal maximum grip. Naturally, that means we want to stay as dry as possible. I mean, how are we expected not to have a drop of sweat on us at any point during any workout? The answer: dry hands.
No not drying your hands on a towel every 0.2 seconds - Dry Hands. A little dusting of dry hands and boom!

You’re pole-ready at a moment’s notice. Aaaaand later when you’re an hour into class you can freshen up in a jiffy and be ready for your practice sesh.

You will grow a deep connection with spotify playlists

Whether you’ve got one song on loop for that routine or your special pole playlist (or one of ours!). You’ll never be able to listen to those songs the same way again. Every song on your Spotify will be your song because you’ll know every beat leading up to the drop when you would time your drop on the pole. 


Well either that or your friends will look at you funny when you get falling flashbacks when you hear Rihanna’s “Umbrella, ella, ella, eh”.


You'll have a fave pole clothing brand (lunalae)

It goes without saying, confidence is key, and who doesn’t feel their most confident in a cute outfit? The right outfit will be the finishing touch to that new routine. Whether it’s cutesy, sensual or edgy, there’s the perfect set for every song. Pole is probably one of the best sports for showcasing your individuality and personal style!

Pole dancing is the sport of reinvention and transformation. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s all about you! Just like how you can express your personality through your moves on the pole, it’s just as fun to add your unique touch to your pole wear. Whether you go for some gorgeous, deep jewel tones like our Mulberry and Teal sets, a fun animal print, or a classic black ensemble with garter shorts - you know you’re covered with Lunalae.

Self-care will become more of a priority

Once you start pole, and start realising just how valuable your body is and how much it’s capable of doing for you - you’ll naturally begin to prioritise self care more and more. 

Whether it’s drawing yourself up a bubble bath more than usual, indulging in a shopping spree or even standing up for yourself more, you’ll find that you’ll take care of yourself and put yourself first more than you used to.

You'll always be running out of storage space because your camera roll will be a montage of you on the pole.

Finding that funny video you saved on your phone last week will be so much harder now that you’ve got dozens of almost identical videos of the same trick (but they’re all different - we swear!). While it’s a little embarrassing to have so many videos of yourself filling up your storage and preventing you from taking cute brunch pics without (very reluctantly) deleting some videos first, it’s the best feeling when you catch the perfect routine on camera though!

There’s nothing like physically watching your progress over time - plus what’s a great routine if not shared everywhere for people to see? C’mon the vid looks amazing! Post it!!

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