8 Things No One Tells you About Pole Competitions


 As the lockdown slowly lifts, the Lunalae Team (Along with the rest of the pole world) are hoping pole competitions soon return. Whether you've competed in no competitions or a million, below are somethings you should know (or can relate to) about pole competitions.


1. Backstage etiquette is essential


  • Diva behaviour.
  • Attempts at "psyching out" other contestants by talking about your amazing routine.
  • By the same token, don't lie and say you haven't rehearsed at all, and then bust out a phenomenal performance (Note: Something I repeatedly experienced in Law School)
  • Ignoring other contestants when they try to talk to you.


Yes please:

  •  Being friendly and warm to all other contestants.
  • Sharing. If someone needs Dry Hands, share yours.
  • Wishing contestants good luck, this is such a thing as Pole Karma
  • You're all in it together, try to have as much fun as you can together on the night.


2. A few weeks before every competition:

EXCITEMENT! This stage is the best because that’s when your creativity is popping off. If you are me, it’s popping so much that you're ready to quit your day job for STARDOM.

Can't you see that I'm famous now!?!?


3. Two minutes later:

 You were excited, weren’t you? Remember that?

My ego comes crashing down when you realise you can’t fit 186748424638462836183618638163813681368 moves into three minutes of choreography without dying.



4. Not getting into the competition:

No matter how good you look in your favourite Luna kit, getting in is never a good feeling. Collectively at Lunalae after months of preparation each one of our team members has missed out on at least one competition. We know, it stings.



5. When you do get in:

You're excited. EXTREMELY excited. The one thing you don't realise until your first comp is how much you will HATE your song, your routine and your life, because you’ve danced to it too much. You’ve heard that song way too often (You'll still love your performance outfit including your shoes).


6. Again with. Your song.

Your performance song will haunt you and follow you everywhere you go...for years....for life.

7. The night before PANIC

Expectations: I’ll meditate for an hour, manifest a win for tomorrow, light some lavender candles and get a great night's sleep.

Reality: ARGHHHHHHHHHH. Your pre-competition ritual goes out the window, eat any junk food you can find in the house, completely focus on failing and get no sleep.


We know what we're afraid of.....


8. Think you hate your song? You'll refuse to ever watch the video of your routine. EVER. 



Jokes aside, comps might not be for everyone, some prefer classes, teaching or inspiring online. That said we LOVE watching and performing in Pole Competitions and showcases. The performing, the community and the inspiration.

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