11 Signs You're DEFINITELY a Yogi


Pole, Pilates, weights, you do it all but none compare to your true passion - YOGA. If the below 11 points speak to you, you are probably, most definitely a YOGI!

1. During your practice, you listen to your body and breath—and move through one more vinyasa sequence when what you really want to do is rest in child’s pose.


2. You have the full moon cycle tattooed on your back.

3. Your social media handle has the word yoga in it.


 5. You will basically do yoga anywhere and everywhere.


6. You own multiple pairs of leggings in cute as hell prints and wear them basically, well everywhere for any occasion.


7. Would you ever have considered purchasing leopard leggings before yoga?



8. You thought high school was cliquey until you became a regular at your studio.



9. You are so into hugs.

10. All written correspondence now ends with, 'Love and Light'.



11. You’re a wonderful human being.


Jemma wears the Azure Lux Tights and Mia Brown Leopard Legging. Em in our featured image wears the Recycled Aria Top and High Waist V Basic Bottoms in Lilac on our Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mat.

Comment below on how you immediately identify a yogi.

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