10 Reasons to Start Pole Dancing


There are so many different reasons why one should take up pole dancing. Most people would never even think to do pole dancing as a sport or as a recreational activity. Pole dancing is such a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

We have put together a list of 10 reasons why you should start pole dancing!

  1. Improve Your Strength and Flexibility

Pole dancing will help you build strength you never thought you had. Pole dancing will be extremely beneficial to your overall strength as it is used heavily for balance. You will start to notice your entire body will strengthen overtime including your core, upper body and glutes. You will also notice yourself becoming more flexible from the warm-ups and stretches before you begin each pole class. 

Model wears our Yonce bodysuit in Black


  1. Improve Brain Function /Mental health 

As pole dancing is a form of physical exercise, it causes your body to release endorphins. This is great for your mental health as it leaves you feeling happier and healthier!

  1. Help Gain Confidence
Improve your confidence by pole dancing. The pole community is a safe place for you to feel comfortable and accepted. At first most beginners feel shy and will come into pole class wearing leggings. By the time they reach the advanced level they have the confidence to wear a two piece. Pole dancing will help you gain more confidence within yourself and others. The community is warm, accepting and will always welcome you with open arms.

  1. Fun!

Once you get past all the falls, bumps and bruises, pole class can become really fun. It’s a great chance to meet like-minded individuals who are looking to also have some fun just like you. You will notice how quickly you become a part of community that is really unique and inclusive.

  1. Feel Sexy

After pole dancing for a while you will find a whole lot of new confidence that will make you feel sexier in your own skin. Showing off your sexier side makes you feel more confident. Feeling sexy will come easier to you and will feel like second nature.  Our Follow Me Bra in Satin Electric Blue and High Waist Basic Short will do the job!

  1. Weight Loss
Pole dancing can help burn calories quickly and is a great workout, which can eventually lead to weight loss. The best part of improving your fitness is you will also build your stamina and increase your strength whilst looking good (model wearing our our Scarlett Top Recycled  and our Zara Recycled High Waisted Bottom in Blush. Pole dancing is a great way to build and tone your body while having so much fun. You will start to see your body become more defined without realising. There has been so many amazing body transformations from pole dancers. 


  1. Anyone and Everyone Can Do It!

Anyone and everyone can do pole! There are no limitations when it comes to pole dancing. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or haven’t exercised in years, everyone has to start at the same point. Pole dancers come in all shapes and sizes. In your pole class you will see people from different backgrounds, careers and ages. Pole dancing is a great way to bond have a sense of community with other like minded individuals. 


  1. Cute Outfits and Pole Wear

One word, LUNALAE!

Look stunning on the pole by wearing Lunalae. We have something for everyone. From Sticky Grip Leggings to Garter Shorts, you will look amazing in your new pole wear. Pole wear is a fun excuse for you to wear sexy outfits and push the  limits of what is expected from you. You also get a great excuse to shop! 

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  1. Inspire Other Females Around You

So many women hesitate to start pole dancing as it can be taboo in so many cultures. Once you start, you may give so many other females the inspiration to start something they would never usually do. Female empowerment is so important, and you could have the potential to inspire so many women around you.

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  1. Improve Posture

Once you start pole dancing, you will gain better control of your moves. The improved control over your muscles will help build strength and increase your coordination and balance. You will find that your back and core strength will also increase, resulting in improved posture!








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