Which Wild Styles Your Sign Needs! 🐆🔥

 While we look to the zodiac and astrology for guidance on relationships (lets be real, #situationships), career (#girlbosslife), and personal development (who else has been doing their daily morning affirmations), your zodiac sign can also reveal quite a lot about your fashion and dance style! Read on to find out what #lunalaeleopard style has been written in the stars for you ✨
Capricorn, you’re no fuss, and right down to business. You want to be able to run around and get stuff done and you want to look fierce doing it ALL. You can't deny it, you love your cosy comfort pieces, but they can't compromise on sophistication. People need to know you’re The Boss.
For your love of basics we have to pair you with our Zeta Grey Leopard Bike Shorts. They’re sporty, they’re versatile and you don’t have to worry about slip ups (and outs!) and that’s exactly what you need when you’re conquering the world.
One thing we can say about you, Aquarius, is that you are not afraid to stand out! Your passionate personality and progressive mindset means your flair shines through whatever latest side hustle you’re working hard on! Once you’ve got your mind set on something (or someone), you hone in and excel. Yes, this DOES include perfecting your pole strut in those 8 inch Pleasers you recently bought off our website. What better way to capture that passionate, creative energy than adding to the collection and strutting in our FLAMINGO-1020P 8" pleasers? 
Ahh, Pisces. You’re the sign with the most attuned emotional range (aka, you’re a little bit of a softie. Okay, who are we kidding, you’re the softest of all the signs) Your naturally compassionate nature makes you one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac too, musicality and romance just come naturally to you (count us quietly, supportively jealous). Your dancing style is second-to-none and hard to mimic, which is what makes you so unforgettable on stage. You have your own unique sense of movement and it’s intoxicating! Keep luring your audience in with our Lure You High Waisted Garter Shorts.
The spotlight loves you, Aries, and you love it right back. Your dance routines go from 0-100 real quick, and we’re here for it. As possibly the most fiery of the fire signs, you don’t shy away from daring split drops and spins, and you definitely don't shy away from a challenge (everything can be a competition, right?!) It’s that innate fire and enthusiasm that draws people into your stage presence. The confidence you have in yourself is what makes them stick around in awe, which is why our Kiara Bodysuit is the perfect power piece to match you fiery energy. 
Taurus the truest of Earth signs, you’re the most grounded of us all. You're all about making statements day-to-day, and your dependable nature translates to a signature style that is sure to start fashion (and dance) trends. Take a look at your Insta followers, Taurus - you might find you have a few style copy-cats, or there are some fellow dancers copying your signature moves! Well it’s time to break out of the box and stun them even FURTHER with our Zeta Top. It’s got all the classic shapes that make this the perfect piece for you with an extra bold statement to throw off your fans. The black and grey also make it the perfect styling option to pair with the other pieces in your wardrobe.
You turn heads. There's no doubt about it. You’re one of the spunkiest and most fun-loving of the zodiac (shush, we won’t tell the others if you don’t). Your ability to pull off even the most risky fashion statements (and pole tricks) is admirable. Yet your gentle and affectionate nature always shines through. We’d have to pair you queens with the print that best replicates the queens of the jungle and plains, so we’ve got you down for the Ava Leopard top.
Maybe some people wouldn’t see it coming from you but Cancer, you can really show up at showtime. You’ve got one of the keenest eyes in the zodiac and are always assessing a situation, as well as the energy. You know exactly when to dress up and make a statement that will leave everyone a little in awe of what you can pull off. Your natural grace and elegance shines through your dance style and makes any piece you’re wearing one for the books. In our Mali Top, you can keep that luring mysterious quality that is unique to you by donning that captivating print.
Everyone KNOWS when there's a leo in the room (or in pole class) and you're always being admired. You know how to keep an audience captive, that’s for sure. There’s a reason why there’s so many famous leo’s who have made their mark being centre stage. Just like your fellow Leo, Jennifer Lopez, you’ve got ambition, PLUS the talent and eye for style to match. You're unafraid to try anything, so keep turning heads and leaving a lasting impression in our Mia Leopard leggings.
You have a great eye for detail, and your analytical mind gravitates you towards timeless and stylish pieces. You know exactly where to step out and where to pull back. This goes for your dancing style as well! Virgo is the master of control and discipline and it makes all your moves flow together perfectly. It’s probably why you’re one of the quickest of the signs to pick up and master moves. As an earth sign, Virgos also benefit greatly from keeping in touch with Mother Nature even in the most simple ways. That’s why for you Virgo, we think you'll love the Ciara Leopard Bottoms, which say "look at me" but in the most subtle and refined way.
Libra, you’re the sign of balance and equilibrium; you’re idealistic yet you look to structure and order to make your dreams a reality. In your day to day, you bring those strengths into your fashion sense. 
Whilst most people might look to the bolder fire signs, Libra comes through as the underdog, fashion icon of the zodiac chart. You have a passion for fashion, and everyone around you loves the way you can harmoniously blend any outfit (and routine) together, even when you branch out into bolder or trendier pieces.  Edge up your dance wardrobe in the Mali Top, which you can then wear to the party you RSVP'd to after pole class, because we know your social calendar is always pumping.
Sagittarius, fiercely independent., always confident, and a heap of fun. You’re definitely our pick for a pole dance partner with your endless wit and humour. You’re there to have fun and make sure everyone else is having the time of their lives as well. Your fire sign really shows through when you’re hopping from trend to trend and you’re constantly switching it up, both in terms of dance moves and your wardrobe. You’re the life of the party and you easily tire of the same old thing! That’s why we’ve paired you with the High Waist Basic Shorts in the leopard print, it’s bold and a statement piece but the classic cut makes sure it will stand the test of time in your ever-changing wardrobe!

Scorpio, we can always count on you to bring the drama to the stage. You live (and especially dance) on the edge, and are a wild child at heart. You are inseparable from your heels, they just complete you. If any sign had dibs on pleasers, it would be you, Scorpio. There’s nothing more powerful than a Scorpio in killer heels.
Yet you’re always seeking ways to switch it up and surprise. You won't be afraid to go to the dark(er) side in our Grey Leopard Shoe Covers, which will keep your pointy pleasers in tip-top shape when you are filming your next seductive dance routine. Yes, we know you are always clearing your storage space for your endless dance videos and we’re here for it! 

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