Sweatin' about your pole grip problems? Read on to choose the right grip aid for YOU!

One of the worst things that can happen during pole practice is the dreaded slip. 
When you encounter problems with grip, there can be a bunch of different things at play, so we've got all sorts of solutions to combat all of your (and our) slippery problems! 
Grip problems arise mostly from issues of moisture - either an excess or complete lack thereof. 
That's why it's essential to know what exactly is sabotaging your pole practice because whilst they all have the same infuriating effect on your grip, it's very easy to accidentally be going for the wrong solution! 
For every poler (anyone who sweats)
One of the most common and annoying causes of slip is moisture - and yes, that’s code for sweat. Or sometimes oil!

This is where our beautiful grip aid solutions come in. Grip aid solutions work to remove the excess oil and sweat from the skin, whilst some also work as antiperspirants to stop the production of more sweat as you practise. Our hotspots are generally the hands, but thighs, shins and your arms can not be neglected! 
For the tried and true classic: we recommend a clear, trusty-grip liquid like Griptinite! It's clear and no fuss. 
However, on the days you want glitz and glam, you've got to try our dancing dust! Who doesn't want to sparkle like a fairy? 
Dancing Dust is a grip powder that smells like your favourite candle scent and makes you (literally) sparkle like your favourite colour. 
It goes on just like your normal grip-aid and then dries down quickly into a beautiful glimmer on the skin! Think Edward Cullen sparkling in the sun vibes 😍 It's also biodegradable AND vegan friendly. Win Win!
For the poler who loves floor work
We all want to drop and roll but we've got to protect those knees! No need for bubble wrap padding, our stylish solution is our Sticky Grip Knee Pads, which come in all different colours to ensure you can colour coordinate! 
For the poler who gets cold
It's common knowledge that the less clothing you have on = the more you can grip to the pole. Sometimes, though, it can get a bit chilly in the studio. Okay, we admit, sometimes we're FREEZING 🥶 The goosebumps are real! 
Our blessed Sticky Grip Long Sleeves and Leggings are fantastic to have on hand for those cooler evening classes! 
For the poler with dry skin

Another saboteur to your grip could be a lack of moisture. This problem isn’t as common as excess sweat and oil but it does happen. If you suffer from dry skin, and antiperspirants aren’t helping at all there’s a possibility that your slip problems could be due to a lack of moisture on the skin rather than too much moisture. We still don’t recommend moisturising riiight before practise but in the case of dry skin, using an oil-free moisturiser throughout the day and giving your skin some TLC can do wonders once it soaks into the skin and works its magic. 

Other tips:

Hand strength. Strengthen your hand muscles through grip exercises. Some great rm exercises naturally incorporate hand strength into them, like those that use weight, dumbbells and kettle balls. Even yoga incorporates hand strength! So don’t discredit the rest of your workout! However, a really simple way of incorporating hand-grip training into you daily routine is buying a set of hand grippers! They’re so easy to have on hand and you can easily squeeze in a hand workout during your evening reality tv screening (or marathon)! 

Oh and don’t forget!

Your pole needs to be warm too! Always remember to incorporate warming up your pole as part of your warm up routine.

Show that pole some love and rub it with a towel to warm up that cold metal! Especially in those cold winter months. 
Let us know of any other grip tips you have in the comments below! 

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